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Gopher Good Tips- Injector Love

Hello my GoMart pals out there in Cyberspace. How is everyone?? Marty here to give you some more of my world-class advice on all things vehicular. YUP YUP!

One of the main topics I try to inform folks about is how to save money by improving the gas mileage your car or truck is getting. Gas is the most expensive part about driving a vehicle, and if you can do things to improve how your car uses it, it makes a big difference.

This month’s tip is something so simple that anyone can do it to help improve their gas mileage and how their automobile runs. And if you haven't done it in a while, you can do it on your next stop at GoMart. 

Adding injector cleaner or carburetor cleaner (depending on what you drive) to your fuel can not only help keep your machine purring like a kitten, but also help it get better gas mileage, too. 4 out of 5 mechanics I surveyed suggested adding it during a fill up no more than once every 6 months. A fully functioning injector system can improve your gas mileage from 5% up to 25% over ones that are clogged or not functioning correctly. 

A lot of these products perform multiple tasks, like cleaning injectors, removing deposits from valves and ports, reducing emissions and restoring power. My recommendation is to do a little research to see which product(s) may be best for your vehicle. It’s also good to remember dealerships offer professional quality fuel system service for injectors and throttle bodies. These are the most complete ways to service your car’s fuel system. YUP YUP!! 

Vehicle maintenance is a multifaceted ordeal, but every little bit helps. That's why Ol' Marty here brings my wealth of knowledge about vehicles to you every month, so I can help you stay on top of all the things you can do to help keep your vehicle performing at a high level.  Keep enjoying your summer, my friends, and I will see you at GoMart. WHOOOOHOOOO!

Marty out.